Girl power is nothing without education.

A functional family,character and education,not marriage(not even money) is what forms the basis for empowering the girlchild to fulfill destiny before even marriage is in view. And someone had said that our society should make space for women who desired not to be married.In my opinion,deciding to stay celibate for life is no sin nor crime.But,most importantly,parents should emphasize on the importance of education for the girlchild and instill book discipline before their mind get entangled in negative and immoral relationships that deprives the mind of meaningful productiveness.

School before Marriage

Get rich with a wealthy husband or die a poor bride.

Marriage without education is nothing,it further diminishes the value of the woman in the marriage(except she sought ways to improve herself), and if the
unthinkable happens she becomes the worst hit.

Education of the girl child is imperative,it is what provides security for her in future.The Asian and African girl child are faced with lots of uncertainties today owing to certain cultural beliefs and poverty.And only a well refined policy by the government and the combined efforts of civil rights groups(writers inclusive), international organizations can help to win this war on violence and abuse of women in semi civilized countries(even in countries considered civilized).The  recent shooting of Malala (The Pakistani school student and education activist)and the incessant raping of women in India are good examples.
In my debut novel,Broken Bride,Anne a promising model who detested the poverty of her family,was inspired by Nneka her mother to get married  to a wealthy man and get rich quick or die trying.It came with a price when she developed a dying hunger for sex to stay alive,and neediness to be loved again after a failed marriage with her millionaire husband at an early age.
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Preacher,Writer,Author of Broken Bride.Born in Nigeria of religious parents.Reserved.
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  1. This is the best book for all ages

  2. See the true picture of subtle girlchild abuse by their own parents.

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